The Main Telescope Active Optics System (MTAOS) Commandable SAL Component (CSC) is operating the closed-loop optical system. MTAOS calculates the wavefront error based on defocal images obtained with corner raft wavefront sensor, estimates the optical state, and sends the correction in the forms of bending modes and rigid body positions to the mirrors and hexapods. DDS/SAL (Service Abstraction Layer) is used to send or receive commands/events/telemetry among telescope’s subsystems such as M1M3/M2 static support, M2/camera hexapod, etc.

In automatic operation, MTAOS will be controlled by the Telescope Control System (TCS) to do the closed-loop correction. MTAOS is part of the Main Telescope Control Packages. The backbone of CSC is using the ts_salobj library, which defines the state transitions. The summary state machine is defined in TCS Software Component Interface and there is no detailed state defined in MTAOS. The eups is used as the package manager.

The badges above navigate to the GitHub repository for the CSC code, Jenkins CI jobs, Jira issues, and communication interface for the software.

User Documentation

Observatory operators and other interested parties should consult the user guide for insights into MTAOS operations.

Configuring the MTAOS

MTAOS’s configuration is described at the following link.

Development Documentation

Classes and their methods, and how to get involved in the MTAOS development is described in this section.

Version History

The version history is at the following link.

The released version is here.

Contact Personnel

For questions not covered in the documentation, emails should be addressed to the developers: Te-Wei Tsai <> and Petr Kubánek <>. The product owner is Bo Xin <>.

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